Hailing from Scottsdale, Arizona, Chloe Copoloff is an upcoming singer, writer, and performer of self-empowering pop music. Chloe nods to the ups and downs of romance (or sometimes, lack-thereof), breakups, and her own personal experiences through her music.

Chloe began writing songs when she was nine years old, as an outlet of self expression. Fast forward about a decade, Chloe, now 22, is in her senior year at Berklee College of Music. She recently released her first single, "Better Alone Than With You".

Chloe is passionate about connecting to others through writing and performing. In 2016, Chloe won runner up for the 2016 NEA songwriting competition, and performed an original song at the Folklife Festival in Seattle. In 2018, Chloe wrote many of the songs, including the theme for CRE Outreach’s play “Lost In The Light”, which had a sold out run of thirteen shows in Los Angeles. She was also featured on Taxi Music's "November Favorites" page. Chloe enjoys collaborating with fellow writers and producers, and hopes to become a songwriter for other artists.


Stay on the lookout for new music.