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Chloe Copoloff - Pop / Alternative
Writer / Topliner - Los Angeles, CA

Chloe has recently gained significant recognition for her work, particularly for penning Salem Ilese's hit single "PS5," which has garnered more than 180+ million streams since its release in February 2022. She is known for her A&R lead sensibility and ability to produce deep conversational records with pop melodies and lyrics that are both infectious and memorable. Chloe has recently collaborated with artists Salem Ilese (10k Projects), Cloudy June (Columbia), Sadye (Atlantic), Morgxn (Nettwerk), Josie Dunne, Francis Karel, Ashley Sienna, Skydxddy, Andi Mitchell, Sundial, Dylan Brady, Abby Anderson, Will Jay, Jillian Rossi, Dia Frampton, and writers/producers Jason Strong, Keith Varon, Grant Boutin, The Wavys,  Adam Boukis, Marty Maro, Housefly, J "Que" Smith and others.
Recent Cuts "PS5" by Salem Ilese feat Alan Walker and TXT, “Pretty Distraction” by Skydxddy, "Ew" by Andi, "I Don't Like How Much I Like You" and "Fall" by Francis Karel, “Time Machine" by Salem Ilese, “Documentary” by Cloudy June,  and “Deadline” by Sundial.
Upcoming Cuts with Ashley Sienna, VIVIZ, Culture Code, Dia Frampton, Meg DeAngelis and Francis Karel.

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